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Please read this page and links before beginning an application. The instructions are specific to the Foundant online system. 

Instructions for New users

New users will click the Apply button on this page and then they must register by clicking "Create New Account" on the login page.

  • Remember which email address you used to create the account, as you will use it to log into the system each time you visit.
  • All emails the Foundation sends you through the Foundant online system will come from the domain of "". Be sure to put this domain into your safe senders list. 
  • Complete the FAFSA within one month of the application deadline in case our review committee requires additional financial information. In that case, we will notify you to provide a copy of your SAR, which can be generated after your FAFSA has been processed.

Instructions for Returning users

Returning users log on to the system using the same e-mail address and password that you created when you first set up your account.

  • Please do NOT create a second, new user account.
  • There is a system prompt on the login screen to assist if you need a password reminder.
  • All emails the Foundation sends you through the Foundant online system will come from the domain of ""  Be sure to put this domain into your safe senders list.


  • After you have registered, you will be directed to the Apply page. The Access Code box will be on the top right side of the screen.
  • You must have the correct scholarship access code to enter into the Access Code box.  Each code is different for each scholarship program and is found on the scholarship webpage for each program. 
  • At the top of the screen you will see a house icon (this will always take you back to your Applicant Dashboard), the Apply icon and the Fax to File icon.
  • Once you have started an application, every time you log-in, you will be directed to your Applicant Dashboard. This is where you will have edit access to applications you have already begun in our system or you will be able to view applications you have submitted.
  • You can save your application at any point and come back later to finish it. If you are applying for more than one scholarship, Foundant now offers a copy feature. This feature will allow you to copy one application to another application that is similar. Click HERE for instructions on how to the use this feature. Any uploads will be copied over if they have been uploaded to the application. You will still need to send a separate email to each of your recommenders for each scholarship. Not all questions will be copied over so make sure to look through the application to make sure all the questions and requirements have been met before submitting. 
  • Please allow plenty of time to work with the process. Read the online system tips which include guidelines for uploading files.
  • All applications require two recommendations, and you are responsible for making sure the notification emails are received by both parties whom you ask for a recommendation letter.   Also, notify the person in advance of the email address as this will  be how the recommendation request is sent to them. Click HERE for instructions you may want to share with those writing recommendations.  If you need assistance contact the Scholarship Officer at or 828-367-9909.

Make sure you have read the Scholarship Programs description before starting your application(s). If you have questions about a specific scholarship or are having technical difficulties, contact the Scholarship Officer at ( or 828-367-9909 or the Grants Manager ( or 828-367-9904. Once you click the apply button below, save the login page in your favorites for the next time you return to complete your application or apply for a new scholarship.

Online System Tips

  • You will be automatically logged out of the online system after 90 minutes of inactivity. You will receive a warning message at 80 minutes of the pending time out. Working on a form without saving does not count as activity.
  • YOU SHOULD SAVE YOUR APPLICATION FREQUENTLY. The system will auto save only every 20 minutes.
  • The character counter includes spaces as well as characters.
  • We recommend you prepare the responses that require text boxes in a word document outside of the online system and then copy and paste them into the online form.
  • We recommend you download copies of all submitted forms to your computer.
  • If you do not provide an answer for one of the required questions you will not be able to submit your application.
  • If your file upload exceeds the maximum file size, consider re-scanning at a lower resolution.
  • When naming the files you will upload, do NOT use the following characters: \ / : * < > | , as the file will not upload if any of these characters are in the file name.
  • Remember to click "Submit Application" when your application is complete. IMPORTANT: Once you have clicked on "Submit Application" your application will no longer be available for editing.
  • Applications have eligibility question(s) at the beginning that ensure only applicants that are eligible will fill out the entire form. Please do not fill out the entire application if you do not qualify as it will not be considered for review. 

Uploading Files

  • In general, acceptable file types for uploading are: Microsoft Word/Excel and Adobe PDF files. If a particular file type is required, it will be noted in the question instructions. Please note that we cannot accept files with the extension .pages or .numbers or, at the present, googledocs.
  • Only ONE file can be uploaded per question. Multiple documents must be combined into one file and then uploaded. If the document(s) that need to be attached to your form are not electronic or you need to combine multiple documents into a single file, please use a scanner that you can access with your computer. If you do not have access to a scanner, go to your Guidance Counselor's office and ask them to scan the document and email it to you as an attachment.
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