Lucas Rumney

2013 recipient of the 4-year-renewable Nathaniel Ellis Cannady, Jr. Scholarship

"I have many personal goals and projects including the planning and development of a remote controlled synthesizer and building my own gaming console from scratch. Another goal of mine is to eat in a more healthy manner and to exercise, which should help me live a longer, more healthy life. I would also like to continue my discovery of music through playing the guitar, saxophone and synthesizer and to learn a couple of new instruments. I plan to continue composing music. I will be studying computer engineering at NC State. The main reason I am pursuing a career in technology is that the field never ceases to grow or advance, and that will force me to learn new things for the rest of my life or risk being outdated. Professionally, I am interested in working for a company that designs computers or needs large servers planned and built. Mainly, I want to be one of the most knowledgeable people in computer hardware. I will pursue internships with the goal of getting real-world experience while still in college.”  Lucas is shown here working on his senior project, a solar-powered briefcase computer.
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