Isaac Sluder

2014 recipient of the 4-year-renewable Clyde and Mildred Wright Scholarship and one-time Chuck D. Hargrove Memorial Scholarship

"I grew up without a father (who died when I was around 4 or 5) and my mother was vaguely in my life, often popping in for a few days and then leaving again. My grandparents filled the void of the absence of both my mother and father. During my childhood and still today, my family has had limited income. I have often worried about not being able to pay for college, or having to take out massive student loans. With the financial help that this scholarship has awarded me, I no longer have to worry so I would like to thank the Foundation’s scholarship committee for helping out not only me, but also my family tremendously. After Undergraduate studies, I want to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a cardiologist. The main reason is because I witnessed my great-grandmother near death and, if it had not been for the cardiologist and God, she would not be in my life anymore. I want to be able to give people a second chance at life, like my great-grandmother was given. Thanks so much again to the scholarship committee!”

Isaac Sluder is a graduate of Tuscola High School in Haywood County and continuing his education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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