Haywood Advisor Helps Clients Give Back

Haywood County attorney Sarah Wenzel learned about CFWNC through The Fund for Haywood County, an affiliate fund.  “My mother-in-law Judy Wenzel was at the first meeting of the affiliate and, over time, I heard about its work, the Foundation and the ways people can support nonprofits knowing their efforts would benefit Haywood County,” says Sarah.  “You could say it’s a family thing.”

As a professional advisor, Sarah values CFWNC’s expertise and experience.  “The staff has a lot of knowledge,” she says.  “That makes my clients feel comfortable; knowing I can work with the Foundation as a partner makes me feel comfortable.”

“The Community Foundation touches so many people, in so many ways,” she continued.  “My clients can discuss their goals and individual situations.  They trust the Foundation’s knowledge and process.” 

“In some cases, clients want to support a nonprofit over a long period of time.  In others, a client might wonder if a nonprofit can handle a large gift or might want to give more strategically,” she explained.  “People trust CFWNC to give advice aligned with their goals and appropriate to their situation.”

“In my work, I get to help my clients support causes they care about,” said Sarah.  “It’s a privilege to help people give back, and I get more out of the process than I would have ever imagined.” 

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