Planning for the Future through the Flying Doghouse Fund

Drs. Jill Vargo and Tony Sciara worked with The Community Foundation to plan their legacy and support their community in ways meaningful and important to them.  The Flying Doghouse Fund is an expectancy fund; there are no funds in it now but a place and a plan for the future. 

“The name of our fund is descriptive of our lives together and interests we have shared,” said Tony.  “The ‘flying’ part of the name references our love of flying; we are both multi-engine, instrument rated pilots.  We met each other flying and have found flight together to be a great joy.  The ‘doghouse’ part of our name pays tribute to our furry family members who have brought each of us love, affection, companionship and joy.” 

 Drs. Jill Vargo and Tony Sciara and their dogs Wesley and Daphne

The Flying Doghouse Fund will support animal welfare, education, outreach work at the Cathedral of All Souls Episcopal Church and scholarship programs for beginning pilots.  “Humans domesticated animals for our benefit thousands of years ago.  If we choose to have animals in our lives, we choose a commitment for their lifetimes,” said Jill.  “Supporting animal related activities is a fulfillment of that commitment to all animals.  And, we trust The Community Foundation to award grants to nonprofits doing great work in this field.” 

Grants for education will support college/university based education as well as promising medical students at the Marshall University Medical School in West Virginia, where Jill received her medical degree.  Finally, their love of flying will be honored through a scholarship program for pilots to achieve their private pilot license.  The hope is that these pilots will give back to the community through program such as Angel Flights and Pilots and Paws.

“We have loved being a part of the community in Asheville and Buncombe County, which has nurtured us in many ways and been the foundation of our adult lives.  It is our hope that contributions from The Flying Doghouse Fund will enhance this region for years to come.  It would be fantastic if our work with the Foundation encouraged others to leave a legacy by funding activities and interests that have been meaningful in their lives.”

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