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Donor Advised Funds

The Oliver Family uses donor advised funds to accomplish their charitable goals.  Learn more.  

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund is a fund for which the donor and his or her family members make recommendations for grants, subject to the approval of the Foundation’s board of directors.  Our most popular fund option, donor advised funds provide maximum convenience and flexibility by enabling donors to address a wide variety of issues as their charitable interests and priorities change over time.  The Foundation manages check writing, reporting and paperwork.  Many donors choose this type of fund to simplify their annual giving. 

The Community Foundation offers two types of donor advised funds:

  • Flexible endowment funds allow you to make grants, as long as you maintain a balance of at least $10,000. These funds will accrue investment returns, which can add to the amount available for grantmaking. The Community Foundation charges an administrative fee based on the fund’s balance. This type of fund is ideal for those who want to manage their grantmaking for a period of five years or more.
  • Endowed funds are designed to continually grow charitable assets, thereby leaving a lasting resource for the community. Only a portion of the income earned on the fund’s assets is available for grantmaking each year, with the emphasis on growing the principal for long-term use. This choice is best for those whose philanthropic vision extends far into the future.

A donor who creates an advised fund can identify a successor or the organizations that the fund will continue supporting in the donor’s name after death.  The Foundation’s stewardship ensures that the donor’s charitable intent is fulfilled in perpetuity.

The minimum gift to establish a named donor advised fund is $10,000.

When is a Donor Advised Fund Best?

Create a donor advised fund when you have an active interest in supporting a number of causes and want to remain both involved and flexible in your charitable objectives.  The donor advised fund is also a good option if you want to involve future generations in family philanthropy.  Because The Community Foundation handles all the administrative and reporting tasks, a donor advised fund can simplify and streamline your charitable giving and record keeping.

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Donor Advised Funds Work for Asheville Family

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