The Yancey Fund


You can make a difference in Yancey County by making a tax-deductible gift of cash, securities, life insurance or real estate. By pooling your gift with those of your neighbors, you can provide significant support for local needs.

Beverly and I are proud to call Yancey County our home.  First attracted by the mountains, the beautiful countryside and the mild summer climate, as each year has passed we have become more and more appreciative of the people, the history and the culture of arts and farming.  We became interested in helping those in need and preserving the unique culture and the natural resources of our new home.  That is why I joined The Yancey Fund Advisory Board and included The Yancey Fund as a beneficiary in my IRA.  


Howell Hammond 


Many thanks to these generous donors who supported The Yancey Fund 

(07/01/15 - 06/30/16). 


Mr. and Mrs. Tom Alexander

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Antinori

Mr. and Mrs. Don Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baker

Mrs. Larissa Bare

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Barrus

Mrs. JoAnn Bass

Mrs. Jo Ann Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bearden

Ms. Carol Benjamin

Drs. Mark and Patricia Bennett

Mr. Arthur Benson

Blue Ridge Bridge Club

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Boka

Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Boone Jr.

Ms. Lana Brennan and Dr. Charles Gaudry

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Cade

Ms. Bonita Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Chin

Ms. Carol A. Clark

Ms. Theresa Coletta

Mrs. Joann Collins

Dr. David Cort

Ms. Dorothy E. Crutchfield

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crutchfield

Dr. and Mrs. Miguel A. Cruz

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Cullom

Mr. Bill Dore

Mrs. Catherine T. Faller

Fastener Specialty, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Fleckenstein

Milky Way Bouray and Mr. James M. Floyd

Dr. and Mrs. Najeeb Ghaussy

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Gill Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Grosh

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Haaga

Ms. Carolyn E. Hackney

Mr. and Mrs. Howell A. Hammond

Mrs. Mary F. Helmle

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Hepburn

Mr. Kenneth Hoke

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Soffe

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoskins

Mrs. Doris P. Hunter

Ms. Britt Kaufmann and Dr. Chad Smoker

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kelly II

Ms. Becky Gray and Mr. Richard Kennedy

Ms. Lynda Kinnane and Dr. Thomas Kaluzynski

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kirkland

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Liebow

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Manion

Ms. Susan Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Matelski

Glen Raven, Inc

Mrs. Doris E. McFadden

Mr. and Mrs. David McIntosh

Mr. and Mrs. James C. McQueen

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ollis

Mr. and Mrs. William Orosz

Dr. Elizabeth Peverall and Mr. Carl Peverall

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plati

Drs. Kelly Rothe and Jeff Polgar

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Powell

Ms. Courtney Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Proffitt

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Rapperport

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ray

Ms. Alice Reynolds and Mr. Lee McDaniel

Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Rickman Jr.

Rogers Group, Inc.

Drs. Peter and Katheryn Royen

Mr. and Mrs. Lars Runquist

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sabri

Col. and Mrs. Walter E. Savage

Mr. and Mrs. George Snelling

Mr. Greg Stella and Dr. Meri Stella

Mr. and Mrs. David U. Strawn

Mrs. Margaret Farrell Tibbits and Mr. Clark Tibbits

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Weinmeister

Ms. Kathy J. Weisfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Armin L. Wessel

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Westall

Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. Arch Woodard

Mr. Alan Young

Dr. Fred Young

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Young

Mr. Rick Zandy

The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors individuals who have arranged for a future gift to our affiliate in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, retirement assets, life insurance, life estate or other deferred contribution. Legacy Society members of The Yancey Fund include:

  • Susan and Bubba (Paul) Crutchfield
  • Peg and George* Emerson
  • James and Margaret Haaga
  • Howell and Beverly Hammond
  • Jenifer Morgan
  • Jason and Rebecca Warner
  • Carol P. Wilson
  • Jay “Skip” Wilson


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